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Stress Relief in 30 Minutes

by Dino on April 25, 2014
Relaxing Scalp MassageStress is a major contributing factor in a variety of illnesses and even hair loss.  With our fast-paced lifestyle, and other contributing factors, we all experience stress, but do very little to effectively counteract it. (Forget drinking,smoking, and sleeping pills which only add to the problem.)
One very effective way to alleviate stress is head and scalp massage.  Ayurvedic medicine has used this practice for over 4000 years in the belief that it improves concentration and memory.  Through modern research,we now know that head and scalp massage alleviate stress by releasing serotonin and endorphins in the brain.  These “feel good” chemicals reduce stress, create relaxation, and improve one’s mood.  In the salon, we add essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, neroli, and ylang ylang  to the scalp massage cream to further enhance stress reduction. We can also add other specific essential oils to treat oily scalp, dry scalp and hair, or dandruff.
In addition, scalp massage can improve circulation and reduce muscle tension. Muscle pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, often the result of too many hours staring at the computer screen or even sleeping in the wrong position, can be relieved by scalp massage. Recent research has shown that the frequency,intensity, and duration of tension headaches can be reduced by scalp massage; and further investigation is being done to see if regular scalp massage may prevent them. Research has also shown that scalp massage before bedtime can lead to deeper, more restorative sleep and may even benefit those with insomnia.Scalp Massage for Hair Loss
In the salon, we offer scalp massage not only for stress relief but also as part of a multi-therapeutic approach to reduce hair loss and promote healthy regrowth. Increased circulation  from the massage brings more oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the follicles. Because the skin is warmed by the massage, blood vessels are opened, allowing the follicles to better absorb these nutrients. The result is stronger, healthier hair with a wider diameter (thicker) and more lustrous, youthful appearance.
If you feel that you would benefit from a scalp massage (and who wouldn’t), give us a call today.

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